Linen dresses

Here you’ll find all of the most wonderful linen dresses McVERDI can offer. The linen dress is a core product in the McVERDI history, and because of this we always try to have it in our dress collections. We love linen and beautiful materials mixed with linen. Linen becomes more beautiful when used being a natual fiber. And yes! – linen curls, but that’s what we like because linen curls in the cool way. Take care of your linen dress and wash it gently, and you will have a lovely dress for many years to come. So look around – maybe you’ll find exactly the everyday dress you been looking for.

Flax is not just flax. In fact, we spend a lot of time finding the perfect linen. It is partly about the structure, the weight, the unevenness of the thread. It is also about the way the color works with the quality. For the last many seasons, for example, we have been working in a linen woven from two different colored threads. Here the result is a completely magically changing piece of mottled linen, which in turn gives the best expression to our linen dresses.

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