Welcome to our YaccoMaricard selection – the most beautiful shirts! At McVERDI you will find the absolute largest selection of Japanese shirts and pants in the Nordic countries. World-class Japanese design. A family business that for over 40 years has designed and produced quality shirts for women at their factory in Thailand. The entire company is built around a recognizable design DNA of a distinctive and unique pintucks technique that typically adorns the entire shirt and gives it a very exclusive and unique look. The structure of the shirts is absolutely amazing and once you fall for their shirts it’s hard to go back to other shirts.

One of the most impressive things about these Japanese shirts and pants is the technique. YaccoMaricard’s technique is to apply the cut pattern parts after they are cut. So it takes a very precise precision to get the uniformly beautiful product that these shirts and pants are. We now have a large selection of YaccoMaricard shirts and different styles. It is a brand that we are really happy about because the shirts fit so well into our McVERDI collections. We have chosen a very beautiful selection of YaccoMaricards shirts, which matches our own McVERDI collection. Please do have a look – we hope you will fall in love with them – just like we did.

The shirts are mostly OneSize, which makes it very simple to choose the size. The shirts fits most body types really well, but be aware that there is a big difference in the cut from shirt to shirt. Some styles are narrower, others wider, some have a loose sleeve, while others have a more fitted fit. It can be very difficult to choose because the shirts are just super delicious! You might get a little obsessed with the Japanese shirts – we are! Please do have a look – we hope you will fall in love with them – just like we did.

YaccoMaricard shirts, pants and dresses. As written, YaccoMaricard is OneSize. Each style is described and measured to give you the best feel of the respective shirt. We usually have the same styles in our selection and supplement only with a few new styles and otherwise lots of new colours from season to season. When you have found your YaccoMaricard favourite first, then you just want new colours. As always, we are very happy to help you find the right YaccoMaricard shirt fit. If in doubt, please contact us. Write to us via live chat or send us an email – shop@mcverdi.dk.

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