Mansted is a Danish brand of quality knitwear. In their collection you will find both cardigans, sweaters, blouses and ponchos, so you can definitely find a beautiful knit that suits your needs.

Mansted’s vision is to create all girls’ favorite knits. It must be able to be used again and again, and quickly become the favorite knit that is not left behind for either seasons or trends.. We sell both summer knit and winter knit , so there is something for every season. The selection we have is in natural materials such as lamb wool, cotton, linen and the softest Yak wool. We have knits in the more neutral colors, but we also have beautiful knits in more variegated colors – there is simply something for everyone. Find your favorite Mansted right here.

At McVERDI we have a nice selection of knitwear from Mansted. We normally choose more neutral and classic designs from Mansted. Mansted is quality knitwear at affordable prices.

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