Sneaky Fox

Sneaky Fox launched their first collection of tights back in 1986. Since then a lot has happened to the danish pantyhose-brand, which has a unique ability to enrich fashionistas with tights, leggings, and socks in hundreds of different colours. We love matching outfits in McVERDI – and nothing completes an outfit like a pair of matching tights. Therefore we tend to have a great selection of colors matching our McVERDI collection. Of course, the selection of tights will be bigger in the autumn/winter season. 

Remember that a pair of Sneaky Fox tights can be a great gift idea, if you know someone who needs indulgence.

We offers a selection Sneaky Fox classic micro 60 denier, which is an all time favourite. Besides their classic nylon tights we love their “LOVE YOU” style, which is made in viscose and cashmere. From time to time we select some styles special with stripes, embroidery and more.

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