McVERDI is our own brand established in 1987 by Lotte Honoré. McVERDI is danish design produced in Europe. Our collections is primarily made in natural materials and almost all our fabrics – linen, cotton, wool and finest baby cord – is from our well established collaboration in Italy. And the fabric is important – because it is always the fabric that inspires the style and not the other way around. Each style in McVERDIs collections are designed with great attention to the structure of the fabric. Always curious to find new flattering silhouettes and interesting fabrics we create everything from our iconic outerwear, unique dresses, trousers, prints, skirts, tops, soft knitwear and accessories. Read our complete biography here.

It all started with our iconic coats, which is 1987 became the fundation for the McVERDI DNA. Since then McVERDIs has grown into a strong slow fashion brand. Each season we presents collections of everything from winter coats to linen dresses, shirts, knitwear, corduroy trousers and much more. It is still Lotte Honoré who is behind every single design, but since 1987 McVERDI has become a family business. Today Lotte runs the business together with her daugther Juliane Honoré and they are surrounded by an incredible team of dedicated employees.

Today you can find McVERDI here on the webshop, in our three physical stores (Ålsgårde, København or Aarhus) and in selected stores in Denmark and all over Europe.

Our designs is always inspired by the fabric and our wish is always to make clothing for everyday life which gives you the feeling of coming home – and being well dressed. There is almost nothing we appreciate more than you finding your favourite linen dress or corduroy trousers like it was meant to be. Our silhouettes and fitting is developed to normal women figures and our sizing is from x-small and 3x-large. You can always find information about our sizing, different trousers and skirts in our sizeguide.

McVRDI is located in Aalsgaarde, North of Elsinore, and you are always welcome to visit us. Here you will find our biggest store, our head office, showroom, design studio og it is also where the webshop is. We have a beautiful view across Øresund and our store here definitely worth a visit. If you are up for a behind the scenes tour – then ask and we will show you around.

If you have question or if you need help you can always contact us. or mobile nr. +45 22784540.

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