McVERDI – sustainability

Lotte Honoré created McVERDI in 1987. Lotte Honoré runs McVERDI with the biggest care and knowledge for customers’ needs and wishes.

McVerdi is a family owned business, a true heart driven company. We only work with people we like and with people who are passionate about their profession.

McVERDI has 100% European production. Most of our clothes are sewn at Irena’s factory in Bulgaria,
which in many ways resembles our own business. Irena runs the factory with her father and they occupy approx. 35 seamstresses.

About 80% of our fabrics are produced by the same Italian manufacturer, Massimo with whom we have a long-standing partnership.
Just as we design every single piece of clothing with love. Massimo from Italy has the same love for fibres and structures.

Our collections are only shipped by truck directly from the factory to McVerdi in Aalsgaarde, in this way we avoid air transport and unnecessary packaging.

We make an effort not to have any materials left after production. We always use each thread on the roll and each piece of clothing represents a value, right up until it one day reaches out to a happy McVerdi customer.

We are a slow fashion company that does not use mass production, but instead only has two annual collections. A summer collection and a winter collection. We often produce only 50 pieces of the same model. We take a position on each individual part of the collection with a great deal of attention to the future customer and the clothing’s application possibilities.

McVERDI is designed and produced with big care. We only produce clothes that we have the biggest care about – less is more. Quality and uncompromising design.

McVERDI clothing has a long life if handled correctly and we value high quality far more than quantity. We are pleased to experience that McVerdi clothing is sold second hand and is inherited.

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