McVERDI CLASSICS is a new and easy way to follow your favorite style and get an overview of what is in the selection right now. McVERDI CLASSICS are selected silhouettes that are available through seasons in different versions. McVERDI CLASSICS makes it easy for you to keep track of your favorite styles!

Each Classic silhouette has been given a name, so you can get to know, for example, the Pippi dress, the Carmen coat or the Jane trousers and see the whole selection!

Click on either outerwear, dresses, tops, trousers, or skirts below and get straight to the Classic silhouettes we’ve already selected. We are only just getting started – perhaps you have a favorite, over several seasons, that you think should be one of our CLASSICS? Then write to us and we’ll see what we can do! 🙂 mail: [email protected]

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