Dresses is a very important part of McVERDIs collection and we always do our very best to design a great selection of different kind of dresses and silhouettes. You should be able to find a dress in our collection no matter age, size, figure and shape. The design is for everyday use, but you can combine it with accessories and get a “party look”. Surely you can also find one for more special occasions. In this category you will also find other brands – for instance a silk dress from Privatsachen or YaccoMaricards shirt dress. Have a look a be inspired. Maybe you will find your new favorite dress!

We love dresses! What we love the most are dresses, which are not to formal. We do dresses, which are good everyday dresses, in which you feel comfortable and well dresses and which can be “dressed up” and down depending on shoes and accessories. Our dresses is good every day dresses which are nice to wear.

We have many customers, who have the feeling that they can not wear dresses, but try one of our dresses and just feel at home.

Here you can find dresses for all year. We choose our fabric with care, so the structure and the expression fits the season. In the summer time we work in natural fabrics like linen, viscose and cotton. In the winter we use more blended fabrics of linen, wool, cupro and viscose. The result is a selection of dresses in high quality fabrics.

Our winter collections are a mix of woolen dresses and more light dresses. In the summer we provide both linen dresses and more flowy dresses in other textiles, for those of you who do not like linen dress.

We hope you find your next favourite dress!

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