Here you can get pants at a good price. They are from previous seasons, but we strive to be classic, so even though we designed them 1 year ago, you will have a pair of nice pants for many years. They have a fit we worked on for many seasons, and we feel like they both fit a lot of different body types and shapes.  In McVERDI we are definitely not the biggest producer of pants, but we have a couple of lovely classics we enjoy a lot. We have developed and adjusted the fit through the years, to make it fit a lot of body types. The narrow pants have become a must-have in our collection since it’s lovely to wear with all our tunics and shirts. We are especially known for our linen trousers with elastic waistband, which has been a bestseller for many seasons. We have extended our collection with Corduroy cause there is always room for the more loose, casual McVERDI-styled elastic model, which you can use under all our lovely dresses. So even though the trousers are not what we are most famous for their popularity keeps growing.

If you have any questions please contact us on mail [email protected] or phone +45 22784540

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