Autumn/Winter 2020 – an autumn collection that we  really have been looking forward to. The Autumn/Winther 2020 collection is filled with colors, prints and well-known McVERDI materials. An autumn collection that hangs so nicely in our stores and adorns the webshop with colorful pictures. We have many years of cooperation with an Italian textile manufacturer. Therefore, several of the textiles we use are unique. in addition, we have used the company Liberty which is a well-known textile print.

Colors can be mixed crosswise with prints to create delicate autumn sets. We love our Autumn/Winter 2020 collection and hope that you will find your favorites among the many lovely styles.

We are ready to guide, help and not least pack and send a lot of beautiful autumn items away from our Autumn / Winter 2020 collection. We can be contacted at webmail and mobile +45 22784540. McVERDI is Danish design, produced in Europe. We send all our packages from Denmark. This means that customers outside the EU payer must pay fees and taxes to their own country