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Welcome to our sizeguide! It is very important to us that you find your right size from the beginning! If you are in any doubt about which size you should choose never hesitate to contact us. We would love to assist you.


McVERDI tops and dresses

In general McVERDI clothes are made to completely normal, realistic women’s figures. You may find that at you have to choose a size lower than your usual one; but we believe that the size you find with us is your actual size.

You must measure your chest width before you choose McVERDI top or dresses. Find your chest width in the table below:

34,6-35,4 inches
92-96 cm
36,2-37,8 inches
96-100 cm
37,8-39,4 inches
100-104 cm
39,3-40,9 inches
106-110 cm
41,7-43,3 inches
114-118 cm
44,9-46,5 inches
120-126 cm
47,2-49,6 inches
Your McVERDI size (1-2-3-4)1122334
approx equal to EU standard size36-38404244464850
approx equal to UK standard size10121416182022

We work with 5 different silhouettes for tops. The silhouettes describes how much extra width is added around the chest. On each style you will find a description of the styles given silhouette. Below you can see how much extra width (added from your chest width) each silhouette have.

SilhouetteFittedFitted LooseLooseOversize 1Oversize 2
Approx added room for movement around chest4-6 cm
1.6-2.4 inches
10-12 cm
3.9-4-7 inches
24-26 cm
9.4-10.2 inches
40-42 cm
15.8-16.6 inches
60+ cm
23+ inches

*3X-large: Do you have a chest width more than 126 cm – then you should not choose FITTED silhouettes, but the other silhouettes might fit you well.

McVERDI’s 5 trouser fits

We have five different trouser types of trousers in our collections – each trouser is typically made in different fabrics, colors and patterns and can seem very different from version to version. In the table below you can find each trouser fit and it’s base measurement.

JANE trousers – the one with elastic

BETTINA trousers – the high waisted 1970’s inspired

CHRISTINA trousers – the most petite

RIE trousers – the trouser-trouser

LOTTE trousers – the menswear worker jeans

McVERDI skirt

Below you see the measurements of our most basic skirt fit – the LOTTE skirt. It is the most straight skirt we have. Find your size in the Lotte skirt and it should be your general McVERDI skirt size.

Lotte skirt


Privatsachen is usually in size 1, 2 and 3. Privatsachen is generally spacious styles – though you should be aware of the sleeves and sleeve openings, which can be quite narrow.

McVERDI XS-S — > choose size 1
McVERDI M-L –> choose size 2
McVERDI XL-(2XL) –> choose size 3


September|20 is the more petite subbrand of McVERDI. Be aware that the sizing system is very different from McVERDI sizing and the fitting is different. September|20 is more fitted and often hourglass-shaped and you should choose your size based on your chest width and waist width.

September|20 arbejder med to slags silhuetter.

  • FITTED: dresses, with a fitted silhouette around the body. Often hour-glass-silhouette. The dresses are meant to be tight and “tailored”. The FITTED dresses only have a couple of centimeters of width added as room for movement = the below measurements are very close to the chest/waist measurement of the dress/skirt. You should choose your size based on both chest and waist width.
  • LOOSE: dresses, meant to be more loosefitted around the chest. Not tight. Often A-line dresses. Here a little more width is added – approximately 6-8 cm extra width as room for movement. Here you should always choose your size based on chest width.
Your chest width82-8488-9094-96100-102108-110116-118124-126
Your waist width66-6872-7478-8084-8692-94100-102108-110
Your chest width333537-3840434649
Your waist width26293133374043


Mansted knit is close to standard sizing and smaller and more narrow than McVERDI.


YaccoMaricard is mostly OneSize and the fitting is different from style to style, so we have tried to guide you specifically on each style. If you are a McVERDI XS-XL you should be able to fit all YaccoMaricard styles. There are styles which have more space and which should fit you if you are a McVERDI 2xk as well.