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– R E D – & – R O S Y – D R E A MS –

Red, pink and terracotta corduroy, Liberty floral print and checkered materials. Dresses and layering up and we must not forget lovely flower crowns.
All of which is something that can create joy and guide our thoughts towards December and Christmas. Although the month of December may be a little different
this year – give the wardrobe some love is always a good idea. Have you found the Christmas dress? or bought an extra Christmas present for yourself?
Click on the pictures and you will come directly to the product or explore our autumn collection right here >>

– R E D – & – R O S Y – D R E A MS –

The soft materials and the red shades add a touch of joy to any outfit.
McVERDI clothing must create joy for many years and therefore we emphasize quality and uncompromising design.
McVERDI – Danish design since 1987. For all women. There is something for every type, age and style. We welcome all in our universe.

McVERDI’s Christmas Market

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We have found a lot of treasures at good prices! McVERDI favourites have now landed on the webshop.
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T H E C O A T L O O K !

Get ready for all kinds of weather with a McVERDI winter coat or jacket.
Whether the weather forecast promises snow, rain or sleet – we have a winter coat for you – you will be well dressed.
A warm winter coat, a cosy soft anorak or a colourful rain jacket – we have it all and more!
Be inspired by our good selection of jackets and coats right here >> and find a winter coat that suits you.


The warm winter coat

These winter coats are lined with Thinsulate lining and therefore our warmest winter outerwear.
In this autumn collection, you will find a selection of three different silhouettes which are all in 4 different colours:
Terracotta, bottle green, black and in a dark navy. Coats that are warm and cosy. See the entire selection right here >>
Winter coats and jackets from XS-3XL:

Cool checks

Soft, fluffy and checkered! Very cool! An oversized coat and a cosy anorak – add a hat and scarf and you are “good to go”.
Or how about a cute hat or a cosy checkered scarf for a navy or green winter coat? The styling options are many!
Enjoy our checkered wool – click here >>

The soft winter coat

It’s very soft, it’s cosy and just perfect -> our outerwear with faux fur!
A coat and a hat that match each other in bottle green or navy colour, it is a delicate autumn set.
We have a wide size range from XS-3XL.
See more right here >>

The McVERDI rain coat


The raincoat collection is a McVERDI classic and has a very special place in our hearts.
We have been designing and producing our raincoats
since Lotte established the company back in 1987 and they still last.
The raincoats are timeless favourites.
See all >>

New in – YaccoMaricard!

Top exclusive YaccoMaricard shirts in the delicate colours of autumn!

33 years with McVERDI – Danish design since 1987!


Did you know……….

McVERDI is a workplace for 15 women between the ages of 20 and 66.
We prioritize eating lunch together every day.
We always make sure that it is sweet people we work with.

Did you know……….

90% of our materials come from Europe and are transported by truck.
Most of our textiles are developed specifically for McVERDI.
We always value professional pride in our manufacturers.


Danish design since 1987. Sewn in Europe. Mostly Italian fabrics.

Designed with passion by Lotte HonorĂŠ. Picturesquely located just by the shore in the little town of Aalsgaarde, Denmark.

“When you buy from a small business an actual person
(us – Bettina, Clara & Cathrine) does a little happy dance.”

We make clothes because it is what we love the most!

Our fabrics are often developed especially to us by our Italian textile designer. The clothes come to life in a family-owned factory in Bulgaria.

McVERDI Stories


OUR LOVELY BUTTERFLY PRINT: The material is printed with fine little different-coloured…


What is the perfect outfit without a pair of shoes to complete it? For our many fine autumn dresses.
We have a fine selection of shoes and boots that have been carefully selected to suit the collection’s colours and mood. Shoes >>

Be inspired by our bestsellers >>>


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