It all started over 30 years ago with a dream. A dream about meeting my own design on the street when walking through the city. A dream about creating original, stylish and timeless design in the best fabrics without compromising on quality. The sewing machine was – and is still today – my best friend and together with my sewing machine it all came true in a small studio shop in the center of Copenhagen. The studio became a combined shop, showroom and atelier and I between customers I was sewing in the back of the shop supplying the racks with new coats and dresses. Since 1987 a lot have happened. My daughter, Juliane, has become a big part of the company and we are surrounded by our strong, dedicated team of talented women, which gives so much energy to the company.

Even though the production is now in Bulgaria, we still produce quite limited quantities and I still cut and sew every first samples. My goal is still the same – to produce feminine and classic style in well chosen quality fabrics with identity. I am proud to present two annual collections with beautiful coats, pretty everyday dresses and knitwear.

I design clothes to women of all ages, all sizes – and my wish is to deisgn everyday clothes which gives you the feeling of coming home. The feeling of being well dress. I am always searching for new nice structures and interesting fabrics for my collections. My inspiration often comes from the feeling, the clothes should give – and then I start the hunt for the fabrics. Most of our qualities are developed specially to us by our Italian fabric designer, Massimo, and his team in Prato – a collaboration we have had and appreciated for many many years.

When idea, fabric and expression all come together – I really love, love, love what I am doing! And it is exactly why I am running this business – because I love it and because it is what I love doing the most.

McVERDIs headquarter, design studio, webshop and largest shop is located just by the shore with a picturesque view over Øresund. In it self this view is inspirational and our store here is really worth a visit. We are always up for a guided tour if you wish to see the company “backstage”. In the design studio Juliane and I work close together forming the new collections and I am still working on the same sewing machine I started up with in 1987. All styles are designed and developed with care and a wish for it to become a favourite.

McVERDI is a slow fashion brand. We produce well considered collections in quite limited quantities. I love what we are doing and therefor I tend to work only with people who feel the same way about what they do. Our wish is to work only with passionated people who has their heart in what they do. Our typical cooperations is a lot like ourselves – smaller, family runned business throughout Europe. When the fabric is produced at factories (mostly Italy) it travels to Bulgaria where it is turned into McVERDI styles on a small family owned factory near Burgas. From there the collection is shipped to Denmark, where family and McVERDI girls team up and forward each piece to McVERDIs three stores and selected retailers all over Europe.

Good qualities, years of adjusting fitting and knowledge about what flatters the body of the woman – added a lot of McVERDI-feeling. It is all about the priceless feeling of feeling comfortable, true to your self and well dressed. It is almost a lifestyle.

You are always welcome!

Lotte Honoré

designer, founder, owner

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