Muse Wear

Muse Wear – a mother-daughter brand with good taste and timeless delicacy. It is a beautiful, classic and simple design for women. It is comfortable and Nordic-inspired knitwear and clothes. The cut is simple, the fit is straightforward and the quality is top-notch. The look is Nordic cool, all materials are sustainable, and everything is produced in Europe.

We typically sell their sweaters and wide blouses, but occasionally choose other items from their collection – because they have many other delicious items – including beautiful knit skirts and not least the world’s best jumpsuit in linen.

Explore our Muse Wear products and you might find your new favourite knit or a jumpsuit!

We have cooperated with Muse Wear for many seasons and love the Nordic-cool expression and look – we are especially fans of their lovely knitwear selection. Muse Wear design absolutely delicate sweaters, skirts and tunics which we just adore. We offer a smaller, but well-considered high light selection of Muse Wear.

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