Winter coats & jackets

Here you will find all our winter coats. There are coats with wool lining, coats made in wool/wool blend, and coats that are lined with Thinsulate, which is an insulating microfiber material that makes the coats suitable for cold weather. Explore our collection of warm winter coats and jackets.

Our coats with Thinsulate lining: These coats are lined with an insulating microfiber material from 3M, also used in ski clothing and snowsuits. The benefits of these winter coats are that they are quite lightweight and don’t take up much space considering how warm they are. However, it’s important to note that the coat retains heat from your own body. Additionally, the coats have a sturdy cotton lining on the inside, and many of them feature wind flaps and details that help retain warmth. They are windproof and water-resistant.

Our “raincoats”/”rubber coats”: These are our popular coats that we’ve been producing since 1987. The advantages of these coats are that they are waterproof and lined with wool (80% wool), making them warm. They have a long season and can easily be used as winter coats.

Wool/wool blend coats: These coats are warm and incredibly stylish. They make for beautiful fall coats, although they aren’t waterproof. Instead, they are cozy and snug. The perfect fall coats.

Occasionally, we have our popular coats with faux fur. They combine our windproof and water-resistant outer material with an extremely soft faux fur lining. The lining is made of 100% polyester, which provides warmth and a super cozy feel.

Wonderfully warm and cozy winter coats. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any quistions. Contact us on [email protected] or phone us +45 22784540.

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