Rose jeans in fluted corduroy


Are you looking for a nice pair of fluted corduroy trousers? These beautiful dusty rose trousers from McVERDI are made in soft corduory and they have a cool look. Read more about the trousers below the pictures.

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colour: Dusty rose

A little more info about the jeans…

The prettiest detail on these beautiful rose trousers is that the flutes in the corduroy are horizontally oriented. This gives these trousers in fluted corduroy a special feel and look and it makes them a bit different as well. The trouers are quite high waisted for a pair of McVERDI trouers. The trousers have a medium width and they have an up-and-down cut. This is a great choice for a pair of everyday trousers. They have pockets on the sides and big bag pockets.

The fabric

These trousers are sewn in a soft, light and very “complaisant” corduroy made from 100% cotton.The fabric is complaisant since it is soft and falls nicely as opposed to many other corduroy fabrics, which can feel quite rigid and thick. This corduroy is super comfortable to wear. Corduroy should be handled gently and shouldn’t be washed too hard. The trousers can be washed in a washing mashine on a washbin programe, but we do not recommend to do it too often. An option is to wash the trousers inside out. Let the corduroy trousers dry and iron if it is necessary. The corduroy fabric is made in Italy and the trousers are sewn in a family owned bussiness in Bulgary with whom we have been colaborating with for many years.

The silhouette and fit

These trousers have a BETTINA silhouette and a full length of 100 cm in a size medium

the Bettina trouser fit

McVERDI most heigh waisted trouser. The length, width of trouser legs, details, pockets and so on varies from style to style, but below you will find the basic measurements. Depending on the type of fabric- elasticity, tenseness, weight – the trouser fit will feel different from style to style.

waist width
hip width
width at crotch
front rise heigh
front skridtlængde
back rise heigh
bag skridtlængde


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