Sandfärgade sommarbyxor
Sandfärgade sommarbyxor
Sandfärgade sommarbyxor
Sand coloured trousers
Sandfärgade sommarbyxor

Sand coloured trousers


A perfect pair of summer trousers with wide legs. Read more about the trousers below the pictures.

colour: Beige

A little more info about the trousers …

These sand coloured summer trousers have wide legs and big pockets in the back. Furthermore they also have pockets in the side. The trousers are high-waisted and they have the characteristic McVERDI silhouette, that many love. The trousers are great for both everyday use and for more formal wear. Pair the trousers with the little jacket from the same program and add sunglasses and some nice shoes for a really cool and summerly business look. Pair the trousers with a crispy white Yacco Marricard shirt and a little bit of jewelry for a cool and modern outfit for festive occasions. The styling opportunities are endless.

The fabric

These sand coloured trousers are sewn in a fabric quality consisting of 51% viscose and 49% linen. Both are natural materials and the weight of the fabric ensures that the trousers fall beautifully. Wash the trousers gently at 30 degrees and let them air dry on a hanger. The fabric is produced in Italy and the trousers are sewn at a small family owned factory.

The silhouette and fit

The sand coloured summer trousers are based on the Bettinna silhouette. They have a small pleatat the lining which gives them a little extra width. These linen trousers have a full length of 100 cm in a size MEDIUM.

the Bettina trouser fit

McVERDI most heigh waisted trouser. The length, width of trouser legs, details, pockets and so on varies from style to style, but below you will find the basic measurements. Depending on the type of fabric- elasticity, tenseness, weight – the trouser fit will feel different from style to style.

waist width
hip width
width at crotch
front rise heigh
front skridtlængde
back rise heigh
bag skridtlængde


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