Kit-coloured YaccoMaricard top


YaccoMaricard new in! This cotton top is this summer’s new arrival from YaccoMaricard. A top that is classic in its design, but at the same time, the top also has the luxurious YaccoMaricard look. The top is adorned with YaccoMaricard’s well-known pintucks everywhere on the top. Read more about the top under the pictures.

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More info the top

The top has a round neckline and a short slit at the back. A summer dress in all its simplicity is very useful as a good “basic” top in the wardrobe. A YaccoMaricard top is an investment for your wardrobe, it is a piece of clothing that really lasts season after season. The top is adorned with YaccoMaricard’s pintucks, a technique where YaccoMaricard applies the cut pattern parts after they have been cut. This high-quality technique can be clearly seen in all YaccoMaricard products.


The top is sewn in 100% delicious ‘crispy’ cotton. The top from YaccoMaricard can withstand 30 degrees in the washing machine and flat dry the top or dry on a hanger. Furthermore, this top can be ironed at low to medium temperatures. YaccoMaricard designs all its shirts and dresses in Japan and they are produced in Thailand. We have been collaborating with YaccoMaricard for many years now and we are really happy with their products, they are quality shirts and dresses that just work and are timeless.


YaccoMaricard is onesize, and fits most body types really nicely. This top from YaccoMaricard measures 102 cm in chest width and has a full length of 64 cm at the front and is 6 cm longer at the back.

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