The Karina dress

The Karina dress is the common name for most of the button dresses in McVERDI’s collections. Their fit and silhouette are more or less the same – and if you love one, there’s a good chance you’ll love the others too. The details vary from dress to dress. Some Karina dresses have sharp shirt details, cuffs and collars, while others are more feminine with puffed sleeves and a shawl collar. What they have in common is that they have the same basic silhouette, are cut below the chest, and have buttons (or press buttons) along the front. The dress comes in everything from linen to corduroy – common to all Karina dresses is that it is a wonderful dress with many functions! When open, it can be the finishing touch to most sets and can almost be used as light outerwear, while when closed it is an adorable dress for everyday life and parties. Find your favorite Karina dress below.

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