We are very proud to sell a small but well considered selection of Lofina shoes to women. Lofina is a danish shoe brand, who designs and produces shoes and boots in high quality leather with a significant DNA. The Lofina collection for women offers everything from ballerinas to sneakers to foot shaped sandals and winter boots in many colours. All their shoes, boots and sandals has the unique Lofina-look. They are comfortable and nice to wear – whatever you choose their rubber soles or their high heel sandals.

Usually we have Lofina shoes in size 36 to 41. Every season we choose the shoes, sandals and boots from Lofina collection, which match the McVERDI collection the best. Lofina has a very nice colour scale: make your McVERDI outfit something special with a pair of yellow shoes, red ballerinas, green sneakers or a pair of blue boots with heels.