French summer vibes

LUBERON – Photo location

20 minutes from our shop and head office in Ålsgårde is LUBERON located. At LUBERON in Hørsholm, Denmark you can find hand-picked French antiques side by side with the custom making of the finest wrought iron furniture and much more.
We spent an afternoon at LUBERON’s location and it was a joy! A lot of pictures were taken and we created French summer vibes with summer dresses, wine, and cheese, and of course all of LUBERON’s finest antiques and furniture.

Liberty prints have been around for many years, over 80 years. It all started with the Englishman Arthur Lasenby Liberty and a store in London. Later, Liberty has become the legendary British company Liberty of London and represented primarily with cotton-printed fabrics in all sorts of colours and patterns. Especially the floral prints are very popular.

McVERDI x Liberty print
Liberty prints have become a regular part of the McVERDI collections over the last few years. Liberty London designs various prints. Lotte Honoré, designer and founder finds one or more prints she likes and then Lotte’s design process begins, the first dresses are cut and created, and so on.
You will find all our products available in Liberty print here >>


Create spring/summer memories in great outfits. Linen and cotton are must-have materials for your spring/summer wardrobe.
Materials you can wear on a hot summer day without feeling too warm. A white linen dress and a beach trip are a perfect match.

Yellow linen

We really love linen and we love working with linen. Linen is such a playful material and it shows different colours in the best way. We always have a wide selection of products in 100% linen. Explore all our products made in 100% linen >>
You will find both linen dresses, linen trousers, linen shirts, linen tops and a lot more!
This yellow colour gives us true summer vibes also on rainy days!

Rainy days – We’ve got you covered!

A yellow raincoat with a big collar and press buttons. It has a timeless design and is sewn in a really delicate quality.

Mix & Match

Styling inspiration:
Use a denim spencer dress with a white linen shirt – It’s a cute look!

Matching summer sets lighten up for exciting outings, in airy fabrics and relaxed silhouettes.
Cute summer dresses and timeless styles for your summer wardrobe.
Explore our spring and summer collection here >>


We hope you got inspired!
Kind regards,
The McVERDI team

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