“A bright blue sky. Sunshine. A scent of the sea.
Yellow, blue, red, white.
The colours are so sharp that you almost need to close your eyes.
The distant sound of talk and laughter mingled with the sound of crashing waves.
Boats that are pulled out. Surfboards waiting for the next turn in the wave.
Blowing fabric and soft cotton against the skin.
Colours and happy prints. Casual sandals in the sand and the dress hanging ready to pull over your head.
Holiday dreams and a happy afternoon with Mexican vibes in the spring sun at the beach in Aalsgaarde, Denmark

A Tuesday in April – the sky was blue, the sun was shining, and we got some new styles – We wanted to create some new pictures with all the new colourful spring styles. The sun is shining and you can feel to heat from the sun – it was a true spring Tuesday in April. You can feel and almost see everything is changing.
Even though the weather changes a lot in April – you almost get a feeling of happiness when you experience a real spring day.

Our head office is located in Aalsgaarde. Not far from our head office, the beach and sea can be visited via Langebro (a longe bridge). Just by “Langebro” is the local surfing club. This area gives us a Mexican summer vibe when the sun is high and the sky is completely blue. Colours from surfboards, small boats, and the surroundings make it a breeze to show off all our news.



Even though we have experienced rain, snow, hail, and sunshine in the month of April, spring has really started.
We really like spring – the lovely spring with several hours of sunshine a day and more colours, light materials, and prints in our spring collection.
We have added more colourful news at our webshop and in our stores in Denmark. Red, yellow, pink, blue – yes, you will find almost all the colours of the rainbow in this year’s spring collection. A spring collection filled with spring styles from McVERDI and all our complementary brands, Zen Ethic, Muse Wear, Art shoes, Privatsachen, etc. A colourful cocktail:

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Summer prints from the English Liberty London are a big part of this year’s spring collection.
Blue floral, pink floral, and slightly wilder print with colorful trees and clouds.

Explore all our styles in Liberty print >>

The French brand Zen Ethic’s patterns are hand-printed with a wooden stamp and it gives their summer dresses an ethnic look.
Delicate colours, patterned and 100% cotton is something you will find in all dresses from Zen Ethic.

Explore all styles from the French brand Zen Ethic >>


If you love the colour yellow, just as much as we do – then you can get a yellow shirt, dress, skirt, top, a pair of sandals or a yellow raincoat.
See all our products in yellow >>

The colour yellow is most often described as a cheerful and energetic colour. If you search for the colour yellow on Google then this text will appear: “Yellow is the best colour to create excitement for life and can arouse greater confidence and optimism”. It makes good sense that at first glance we fell in love with the new yellow raincoat.
Raincoat in yellow >>

What should your spring wardrobe contain?

Should your spring wardrobe include a pair of red-coral-colored sandals from the Spanish brand ART shoes?
How about the world’s best jumpsuit for adults from McVERDI, or maybe a light cotton blouse with a blue block print from the French brand Zen Ethic?
Click on the pictures and you will come directly to the product:

Mix & Match

Use something from the fall wardrobe along with your spring wardrobe. Use the knitted cardigan over the summer dress until we get varmer days. Wear the little shirt blouse over a long-sleeved shirt to get a delicate spring, a layer-on-layer look. Mix prints and colours to get fun and cute spring sets. Everything is allowed and you just have to feel comfortable. It can bring great joy in the wardrobe if different styles can be used all year round.

Kaftan the new wardrobe favorite?

In this year’s spring collection you will find various caftans. Explore our selection here >>

The advantage of a caftan is the different styling options. Use it as an everyday dress, a dress for more festive events, or over a pair of pants. A caftan is very straightforward and can give your wardrobe a “casual elegance”.


Blue skies, flower fields, sunshine, and birds singing all day long.
The scent of spring and nature changes every day.
Dear spring we are so happy to meet you!


A basket filled with strawberries, juice, and a soft picnic blanket. A beach basket for swimwear and sunglasses.
A beach basket for everything you need to take with you through spring:

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I hope you were inspired by the blog post and maybe you fell in love with a thing or two?
Regards Cathrine / McVERDI

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