Hello from Hornbaek

Hello from Hornbaek – Hello from the Seaside Hotel –
Sun, summer & sunshine!

– A afternoon at Hornbaek beach –
With windy hair, red cheeks, sun hats, and sun loungers under our arms, we – happy McVERDI girls – took an afternoon to Hornbaek beach to get some wind in our skirts and sand between our toes. Summer and Seaside Hotel atmosphere. We were ready for a beach day.

The wind was a bit cold but we got sunshine, so everything was okay. We had arrived at the “North Zealand Riviera” and we ready for our pre-summer-trip. It was a great afternoon! I hope you will enjoy all the pictures from our beach trip.

Good company & happy summer sets!

We love linen – A beautiful structure and the colours and shades become incredibly beautiful in linen. The dark blue linen combined with our white linen
and our checkered collection is perfect for long bright summer evenings with a summer house atmosphere and a walk on the beach.
Linen is so timeless and delicious. It is relaxed and exclusive at the same time. We gathered a team of beautiful women – women in their prime, different women, and women wearing happy summer sets styled just for them!

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Summer pictures:

Ruffle dress – summer party!

Dresses with ruffles, linen dresses, and checkered dresses – Dresses for everything in life.

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A blue ruffle dress in 100% linen? Yes, please! A new variant of our ruffle dress has become part of the McVERDI ruffle dress family. Remember! A McVERDI ruffle dress can be used every day and not only for festive events but wear the ruffle dress even when it is Monday or Wednesday.

“A ruffle dress can be dressed up or down, and you have to feel well-dressed, whether it is for a party or sofa use. Use a McVERDI ruffle dress every day of the week.”
– Lotte Honoré, Designer and Founder of McVERDI.

Movie: Hello from Hornbaek
Music: Busy shoes – Inshot

In this year’s summer collection you will find different linen colours –
blue, white, orange, pink, yellow, etc.
Explore our 100% linen styles right here >>

Who gets in the water first?

1, 2, 3 – RUN! Who gets in the water first?

Who do you think won? 🙂

Movie: Hello from Hornbaek – Who gets in the water first?
Music: Busy shoes – Inshot

ALL PRODUCTS FROM “Hello from Hornbaek”:

Idea and styling:
Lotte, Juliane & Cathrine

Photo og editing:
Jeppe Gudmundsen-Holmgreen


Thanks to all our sweet models:
Rikke, Katja, Clara, Juliane, Julie, Thora, Juliane, Lotte.

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