Christmas gift guide 2020

Ho ho ho – It’s Christmas elf, Cathrine

Recommendation from a Christmas elf: Read this gift guide while you have a bowl filled with Christmas cookies – so yummy!

I love Christmas! I love December and love Christmas presents – you can create so much joy for others in December. I associate the month of December with love and family fun, celebrations and a lot of delicious food. 2020 has been a stressful year for many and the future is perhaps a little more uncertain than we are used to. I’m sure December and Christmas will be joyful, even if it’s a little different – maybe we’re holding Christmas Eve via digital media, or we’re celebrating Christmas in smaller contexts. Maybe 2020 is just exactly the year where we need to give more love to each other or treat ourselves with extra gifts. A good and thoughtful gift can bring great joy to most people! I have collected a Christmas gift guide:

A big Christmas gift guide from McVERDI

To: Nephew & Niece

A box of crayons for the creative nephew or niece. There are no limits to creativity and with these crayons, you can colour outside the lines, because it’s the most fun!

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“Life is ART -live yours in COLOUR”.

To: Daughter In Law

The fluffy real fur hat warms the ears during the winter months.
Once you have been tempted by this delicious and soft Icelandic lam fur hat you will never take it off again.

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If the daughter-in-law is not into real fur hats then we also have a sweet alternative: The knitted beanie. You can sit them as you like with a small or larger fold – The knitted beanies are cute no matter how you put them on.

A personal Christmas elf, Cathrine favourite.

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To: Mom

A warm and extremely well-fitting jacket in boiled strong wool quality.
A true McVERDI signature style.
A practical and smart Christmas gift for mom.

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To: Aunt

A really lovely blanket. A cuddle blanket to cuddle in. The plaid measures 120×180 cm.
It is wonderfully warm and delicate in the delicious eco wool.

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To Sister:

Light, soft and cosy sweater with a turtleneck in this year’s autumn colour: warm brown. What’s not to like? A mohair sweater that warms without taking up too much space. A sweater that does well under sister’s super cool raincoat from McVERDI 😉 In other words, it is a perfect Christmas gift for sister.

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To: The cousins

A pair of really good Sneaky Fox tights is good Christmas presents.

The tights are available in different colours. Why not a new colour for every day of the week?

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Christmas elf, Cathrine tip: If you get a hole in the foot just cut stocking foot off and you will have a pair of good coloured leggings.

To: Grandmother

A bowl of Christmas cookies – a bowl of buttons – a bowl of all Grandmothers small things.
A bowl can be used for a lot – so why not give Grandma’ one bowl or more?
The decorative everyday ceramics – made by Lise Honoré can ONLY be bought in our three physical stores:
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To: Aunt 2

While there may not be as many festive events this year,
then a pair of lacquered nails can do a lot for one’s mood and clothes.

Nailberry is the healthy choice for your nails and it is a great Christmas gift.

Nailberry’s mission is to create healthier manicures for the nails and they have received several certifications, for vegan products without parabens, gluten and much more.


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To: The Son In Law

Who would not be happy to receive a delicious wool scarf as a Christmas present? I think the son-in-law will be incredibly happy with a scarf in a delicate autumn colour and delicious quality.

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The scarf can also easily be bought for the daughter-in-law,
as it is a UNISEX scarf.

To: Grandmother 2

A grey/blue and sand-coloured striped scarf in 100% wool.
The scarf has fine embroidered graphic shapes and fits so nicely with our outerwear. It also goes really well with our corduroy skirt in terracotta,
if there also is a corduroy skirt in the Christmas present. Then Grandma gets extra happy.

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To: Little sister

A jewellery wallet for the small earrings or all the holiday coins. The wallet can also be used for small headphones. Little sister can use the wallet just as she wants and enjoy it for many years to come.

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Giff card to

Although we have a selection of good gifts, finding the right gift can be a challenge. Maybe you don’t know exactly what to give or the person doesn’t have any wishes.

Whatever the cause, the gift card is the gift that never fails. The gift card can be used on our webshop. The gift card gives you the chance to give a good shopping experience at

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A gift card to a McVERDI store

Do you know someone who needs a gift card to their favourite store? Then there is an opportunity!

Contact us by phone, email or live chat – then we can make a gift card for our stores. You decide how we send it, or you can visit one of our stores and get a gift card made:

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Now you are end of our great Christmas gift guide and if you have come this far – then you get a virtual high five!
It also means that the time has come for the bowl of Christmas cookies to be refilled – we both deserve it you and me 😉 As you can see and read the Christmas gift options are many at! I’ve heard from my boss, Santa Claus – that they wrap presents really nicely at McVERDI – so you do not have to think about that either.

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Thank you!
Christmas elf, Cathrine

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