Tape, travel thoughts & clothing memories

Can something as simple as McVERDI logo tape give a desire to travel? Perhaps? It’s not big news but we got packing tape with our logo for the first time and it gave me an idea. I felt like creating a background with our cardboard boxes and logo tape. Despite the fact that we can not travel so much right now but all our webshop packages. It made me think that our McVERDI styles travel just as much as before. McVERDI dresses definitely get to see the world because we ship worldwide.

“A dress trip to different countries”

A material being designed and created by Massimo in Italy. A dress design is being created in Aalsgaarde, Denmark. A sample is sewn in Aalsgaarde and the sample is sent to Bulgaria. The dress is produced in Bulgaria and shipped to Denmark. We take pictures of the dress in a photo studio in Copenhagen and the dress goes on sale on the webshop. Several dresses get shipped to our stores in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Aalsgaarde – Denmark. As I write this blog post, there is a woman wearing the dress in Aarhus, Bulgaria, Berlin and maybe even more places in the world. I think that’s really cool!

All these thoughts I got when I took pictures. Although we may not be able to physically go to Italy or France, we can travel in a smaller sense. We can be on a personal journey and we can travel in our wardrobe – new compositions can be created. The summer dress can turn into an autumn dress with a knitted cardigan. We can also choose to travel around our local area and visit all the shops. Support local businesses and entrepreneurs. So we can still travel and we can get travel memories in new ways (in Denmark).

A big love for clothes – Clothing memories

Our new logo tape made me want to take pictures, I got both the desire to travel and the desire to write a McVERDI blog post – it’s quite impressive! It’s a wild logo tape we’ve got 😉 I also came to think of how many places my McVERDI raincoat has travelled with me around the world. I have travelled to Denmark wearing my raincoat, from Aalsgaarde to Aarhus. I have also been wearing my raincoat on several islands in the Azores – the raincoat has kept me warm in countless airports. Every time I wear my red McVERDI raincoat, all the memories come to mind. I am reminded of the various journeys I have been on – it’s a wonderful feeling. The raincoat Lotte designed in 1987 – the raincoat, which was the starting shot of the McVERDI company, has been around the whole world – not only with me but also with many other women around the world. Explore all our raincoats right here >>

Others may associate travel memories with postcards, seashells, or something completely different. I love clothes! So for me, many of my memories are connected to my clothes. The well-dressed feeling and the memories I create in the clothes I wear is something I cherish so much. It doesn’t matter so much that there came a small stain on the raincoat because that stain came on a trip where I saw a very nice waterfall. My wardrobe has a very great affection value for me, I love to open all my closets and look at it all and be reminded of all my different experiences.

Designed with love for the history of the material

When I started at McVERDI, there was a text for a summer collection that hit me:
“The summer collection is inspired by stories. How a piece of fabric can create memories, moods and emotions. How the fabric can speak to you. With us in the design department, the fabric typically tells what it wants to become. Screams to become a dress with a fully round cut skirt or a tight-fitted shirt blouse.
As many memories as can be created in a piece of clothing. “ – Lotte & Juliane

That’s exactly how I feel. Maybe you feel the same way? Do you have a summer dress that you are always wearing when you eat ice cream or do you have a Privatsachen silk dress that you are always wearing when you are hiking? (it’s actually a real customer story, a customer who is wearing the silk dresses when she hikes in the mountains – it sounds super delicious). Finally, share your stories with us! Use #mcverdi on Instagram and tell your travel story or your favourite clothing memory or a combination.

Read more about Lotte’s (designer and founder of McVERDI) design process – rigt here >>

Styles from the blog post:

Nail polish from Nailberry >>

Thanks for reading! 🙂
I look forward to seeing your travel story or your clothing memory – use #mcverdi on Instagram.
I also hope the sets I have hung on our boxes can provide inspiration for the wardrobe.
Kind regards – Cathrine / McVERDI

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