~ Clara’s Snickers Bites ~

Who does not have a sweet tooth…?

Salty, sweet and sinful – these are the three words I want to use to describe my Snickers Bites. The combination of sweet dates, salted peanut butter, crunchy peanuts and tasty coconut, will make your sweet tooth cheer extra loud! I have spoiled my family, friends and not least my kind colleagues here at McVERDI quite a few times with these sinful Bites, and they are always welcomed with kisses and hungry eyes. The recipe is strongly inspired by Kristina Hoffman’s recipe for Snickers.

Snickers bites = a great afternoon activity

This weekend, I decided to make a portion of my Snickers Bites that I could take with me and hand out at work on Monday. This is how you score easy plus points here in the company 😉 Wearing my new favourite McVERDI dress, the cutest black/white checkered spencer dress, I started backing with great enthusiasm. I am an incredibly food-loving person. By that I mean that I love eating food, talking about food, thinking about food and not least cooking for those I care about. That is why a Sunday afternoon in my little kitchen at Østerbro (Copenhagen) is always a really nice activity I enjoy doing.

~ The recipe ~

“The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating.”

For my 20th birthday this year, I had made a huge portion of these bites so I could really spoil my birthday guests. The day after, when I was going to work, I had also brought a bowl of them with me so I could spoil my colleagues at McVERDI. It was especially my sweet colleague Cathrine who absolutely loved them, and she ordered them as a birthday present for her birthday in March. Of course, I felt compelled to make these Bites for her as a birthday present, and it ended up (in my opinion) with a nice big glass filled with them! Cathrine was very excited for my birthday present and she still does not want to admit how quickly she emptied the glass with my snickers bites 😉

Some pictures from when we ate Snickers Bites at our McVERDI Glamping!

I definitely think you should try making them! They are easy to make, require few ingredients and utensils that every kitchen has.

Psssst …. They are vegan, gluten free and (almost) healthy 🙂

Thank you so much for reading along! See you soon 🙂

Kind regards, Clara/McVERDI

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