Size guide and help

Will you get my size back?
We do our best to have all sizes in stock, but some styles quickly get popular and empty our stock. Our items on sale from previous collections do not get remanufactured and therefore it is not possible to find the specific style in our shops, when it is sold out from the stock. We are happy to help you in the webshop to find an alternative style, size or color.

How do I find my size?
At McVERDI we have something for every woman. We work with five different silhouettes, depending on how fitted or oversize the clothes should be. On all new products on the web shop, we have written the measurements for a size medium in the various styles in the “Fitting” category. This is the base for our size guide, which helps you find your size from your breast width. If you are uncertain, we are happy to help you on our Livechat, by mail or by phone

What does BA, PG, OF, LG, BO etc. mean?
These are color codes last in the product description, which are added to the products when they are created in our web shop system. There is no other difference between two styles than the color, when the only variation is the last two letters in the style code.


Placing your order

Why am I not able to complete the transaction?
If you as a client experience that you can’t complete your transaction on our webshop we recommend that you try to exchange your browser, for example from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome or Firefox.

I am not sure that my order has been registered
When we receive an order in the web shop we print it, pack it and often it is sent the same day as we receive the order. As a client you receive an invoice and then you know that your package has been sent. If we have to order your items from one of our shops you will receive a mail to inform you about this. If you haven’t received any mail it is possible that your order has been cancelled.
As a client in a webshop you have to complete the transaction as soon as you “grab the basket” and move to the payment procedure. Otherwise the order will automatically be cancelled and will therefor not be registered as received and will not be packed.
If you are uncertain whether your order has been registered we are happy to help you at the webshop by mail or by phone.

If I have an item in my shopping chart am I certain that it is mine?
The item that you have placed in your shopping chart will first be reserved and pulled out of the stock when you have completed the transaction. This means that if you have placed an item in the chart and then logout of your profile to return a couple days later to purchase the item, it can have been sold in the meantime and will therefor not exist in our stock or on our web shop.


Shipping, delivery and return

When will my order be shipped?
As a rule, your order will be packed and shipped the same day as we receive it. Our packages are picked up during the afternoon, so if you have placed the order before 2 pm. we will do our best to have your order sent the same day.
Sometimes we have to get your order or part of your order from one of our physical shops which means that a couple extra days will pass before we can ship your order. This information will be sent to you on your email.

To what countries do you deliver?
We deliver packages to all countries. We use different freight companies: PostNord, DAO, GLS and UPS. Countries with customs restrictions can experience a delayed delivery

Why haven’t I received my package?
The most frequent reason why a package hasn’t been received, is actually due to a misinformation at the package store. The package is often ready for pickup at the package store but there hasn’t been sent a message, which is why misunderstandings can happen. If there has been ordered a home delivery, but nobody has been home to retrieve the package, the package will be delivered to a package store, where it has to be picked up.
If you have residence in a country under tariff restrictions, there can also be an unexpected delay due to conduction of spot checks.
We are happy to help you at the webshop with localising your package so it can be retrieved and your new McVERDI clothes can be put to use.

The size doesn’t fit - can I exchange my order for another size?
We do our best to have all sizes in stock, but some styles quickly get popular and then some of the sizes disappear from our stock. If we do have the size in stock that you would like instead we will be happy to exchange your order if you write us an email on with the new size.
An alternative is to place a new order on our web shop on the new size - then it will be pulled out of the stock immediately and will be sent to you and then we will credit your returned item. In this way you will receive the new size faster because we don’t have to wait for the item you are returning, before we ship the new size to you.


Payment and crediting

When is the money wired from my card?
When you place an order on our web shop the money isn’t wired immediately, but first when the order is packed and invoiced.
If the payment is done with a mastercard, the amount of money is reserved on the given account. This amount is then wired when the order is packed and is invoiced. This means that the amount is not wired immediately, when you register your card during the payment.

Why haven’t I received my money, when I have returned a piece of clothing to the webshop?
When we receive an item in the web shop which has been returned, we credit the sum immediately and the money is released from McVERDI.
Although the money is no longer at McVERDI, there can be a delay between a couple of days to 30 days, before the money get transferred into the bank account, where the money was originally wired from.
The time span between release and transfer vary according to which card has been used and what bank the card is linked to. When you use a mastercard or a visa card there can be delay of 30 days before the money gets transferred.


Information and reclamation

How do I get notifications about new styles, sales and offers?
We send out newsletters when we receive new items in the shops or on the webshop, start sales, have special offers, are hosting events and in other contexts.

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Where can I find you on the different social media platforms?
We are active on both Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest where we almost every day update with new pictures, stories and we also post about sales, new styles and funny initiatives.

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How can I contact you?
We can be contacted on mail: Phone: 22784540 (web shop) or 70204540 (head office)
If you need help with a size, style or color we are also ready to chat with you on the web shop from monday to friday.

I have a reclamation - what do I do?
We tjek all items that are sent out from the webshop, but if you receive an item with a flaw we are of course very sorry and would like to hear from you regarding your reclamation on or on phone 22784540.


Distribution and communication of McVERDI

I have a blog/Instagram/website and would like to write about your items
Thank you for your interest in McVERDI as a brand and your wish to write about us. We would love to hear from you in a mail to, who is responsible for the E-commerce.

I have a shop/web shop and would like to distribute McVERDI
Thank you for your interest in McVERDI. We will be happy to hear from you in a mail to or on phone 70204540