Green silk dress from Privatsachen

A green, 100%  silk, and lovely silhouette equal the ultimate silk dress from Privatsachen. A silk dress that fits well different body types and heights. Read more about this dusty blue silk dress below the pictures

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A little more info about the dress…

This green silk dress from Privatsachen has a round neckline and short sleeves. You can decide how much you want the silk fabric to curl. After a wash, you can either just have the silk dress more straight or you can twist the silk dress.

The fabric

The green silk Privatsachen dress is sewn in 100% silk. Take care of your silk dress and the silk dress last longer. Wash the silk dress by hand and hang it to dry on a hanger. It is only necessary to wash a silk dress if it smells, you do not need to wash it after use every time. If a stain comes, just wash the stain away. The stain can be removed with a neutral detergent. To get the silk fabric to curl, the dress needs to be twisted after washing. This also means that you can choose to twist the dress more or less and also completely avoid twisting it. The silk is wonderfully breathable and gives a good feeling so you can dance all night or hike in the mountains in you silk dress (it is a true customer story wearing the silk dresses when she walks in the mountains – it sounds super nice).

The silhouette and fit

The silk dress is available in three sizes.
1, 2 and 3.

Chest: (dresses are measured in stretched condition).
Size 1: Has a chest width of 100 cm.
Size 2: Has a chest width of 120 cm.
Size 3: Has a chest width of 140 cm.

Full length: (measured in curled condition).
Size 1: Full length of 112 cm.
Size 2: Full length of 114 cm.
Size 3: Full length of 118 cm.


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