Grey oversize knitted blouse from Muse Knitwear

A beautiful oversize sweater from Muse Knitwear. Read more about the knitted blouse below the pictures.

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A little more info about the blouse…

A soft oversize knitted blouse from Muse Knitwear. This is the kind of great basic blouse that can be used for almost everything. The grey knitted blouse can be used over a shirt, paired with a pair of corduroy trousers or on top of a dress. The styling opportunities are endless. This knitted blouse has a round neckline and long sleeves. The garter and purl stripes brings something special to this blouse, because there is some structure in the soft knitted quality. The knitted blouse exists in four colours: black, grey navy and light brown.


This oversize blouse from Muse Knitwear is knitted with the best 100% ecological merino wool. We recomend hand washing or washing on a wool program. Avoid detergents with enzymes. That is never good for wool. Avoid washing the blouse too often. If there is a little bit of odor to the blouse, hang it on a hanger in the bathroom while showering and let it air outside. Wool is selfcleansing, which means that odors quickly disapears from the yarn.


This oversize blouse only comes in one size. The knitted blouse has a chestwidth of 140 cm nd a full length of 55 cm. A great oversize knitted blouse, perfect for wear during the autumn and winter.


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