Checkered McVERDI hat in bouclé wool

The classic McVERDI hat, which is here in checks and perfect for completing a beautiful autumn set and a “must have” for the coat in the same material. The hat is warm, while at the same time having a cute look that goes well with an autumn outfit. Read more about the hat below.

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A little more info about the hat…

We have had this hat model in the collection for many years and it is a clear favourite winter after winter. The fit is really good as it does not make the hair unnecessarily flat. We often find that customers who are not usually into hats are happy with this model and fit. It’s just a really good mix of a hat and a beanie. The hat is here in a beautiful autumn burgundy with golden and blue colours. A checkered hat for autumn and winter is a must-have for outerwear in the same material!

The fabric

The hat consists of 33% wool, 27% polyester, 22% polyacrylic, 11% alpaca wool, 3% polyamide, 2% recycled fibers. A material mix which gives the different materials several advantages and makes the hat soft and fluffy. The material is from Italy. Please do not wash the hat. Wool is self-cleaning so hang the hat in the bathroom after a bath or hang it outside in humid weather. Then your hat is as good as new. The scarf is designed in Denmark and the hat is sewn in Bulgaria, at a family-owned factory we have worked with for many years.

The silhouette and fit

The hat is one size and has a circumference of 62 cm. It gets a little bigger in use. It has a full height of 14 cm. It is made to have a small fold, which is a really cute look. The hat can also be used in its full height to get a slightly different look, a more statement look.







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