Indigo-blå YaccoMaricard skjorte med asymmetrisk lukning
Indigo-blå YaccoMaricard skjorte med asymmetrisk lukning
Indigo-blå YaccoMaricard skjorte med asymmetrisk lukning

Indigo-blue Shirt with asymmetric closure from YaccoMaricard


A cool blue YaccoMaricard shirt in 100% cotton. An indigo-blue is a very good alternative to a black YaccoMaricard – it’s a bit softer. We really like this YaccoMaricard style because it looks cool and has a beautiful finish. Read more about this indigo-blue YaccoMaricard shirt down below.

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colour: indigo blue

Product description

A classic YaccoMaricard shirt with asymmetrical closure, a model we have had for several seasons and this shirt has become one of our favourites. This shirt has a nice cut and a good length for both skirts and pants. This shirt closes with an asymmetrical button closure, which is lovely detail to the shirt and gives the shirt a delicate look. This shirt has an exclusive look and the structure of the shirt is absolutely stunning. This is a result of Japanese design at its best.

One of the most impressive things about a YaccoMaricard shirt is that it is applied to the cut pattern parts after they are cut.
So it takes a very precise precision to get the shirt beautiful product that these shirts are.

This YaccoMaricard shirt is an absolute bestseller shirt. This shirt from YaccoMaricard was one of the first shirts we got when we started to cooperate with the brand YaccoMaricard.

This shirt is available in many different ​​colours and can be difficult to choose. But the shirt’s design allows for more colours in the wardrobe.


The shirt is made from 100% delicious ‘crispy’ cotton. The shirt from yaccoMaricard can withstand 30 degrees in the washing machine and we recommend the shirt to dry flat or on a hanger. Furthermore, this shirt can be ironed at low to medium temperature. YaccoMaricard designs all of their shirts in Japan and the shirts are subsequently manufactured in Thailand.


YaccoMaricard is one-size and fits most body types very well.

The shirt has a chest width of 116 cm. The shirt has a length of 76 cm, measured on the longest point of the shirt. See the pictures for different measurements – all the measurements are in cm.






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