Tunic dress from YaccoMaricard

YaccoMaricard is known for an incredibly delicate technique with small layers called pintucks, which are used throughout the tunic. It gives a very exclusive expression and amazing structure.

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colour: indigo blue

Product description

The tunic dress from YaccoMaricard is a new style at webshop and in store. This fine tunic dress from YaccoMaricard is available in three beautiful colours: a dark indigo blue, black and brown. The colours are perfect for this year’s autumn collection and can be used with a pair of McVERDI pants below.

It’s a tunic dress that can be used all year depending on whether you add a knitted sweater or pair of sandals. The tunic dress has pockets on each side.


100% delicious ‘crispy’ cotton. Wash the tunic dress at max 30 degrees. Can be ironed with mild to medium heat.

Production country: Bulgaria.


YaccoMaricard is one size and fits most body types very well.

The tunic dress has a chest width of 120 cm and a length of 100 cm.




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