Lysebrun strikbluse fra MUSE WEAR

Camel brown knitted blouse from MUSE WEAR

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Here is a lovely knitted blouse from MUSE WEAR. Read more about the light brown blouse under the pictures.

colour: brown sugar

A little more info about the camel colored blouse…

The fine knit from MUSE WEAR is a classic. The knitted blouse has long sleeves that end with a small 1-1 rib. There are beautiful details at the shoulder incision and the round neck has a 1-1 rib that is bent over. The classic look is up dated by a rolling edge in front and behind. The lovely Camel – colored blouse has slits on both sides and the blouse is 8 cm shorter in front.


The camel colored blouse is knitted in 100% extra fine and soft Merino wool. The wool is OEKO-tex 100 certified. Hang the blouse for ventilation or on a hanger in the bathroom, so that it gets a little steam, when you are in the shower anyway. If the blouse is to be washed, it must be hand-washed at 30 degrees and it must dry flat. Can be smoothed if needed, with iron on low heat.


The knitted blouse must hang loosely. In size 2, it measures 112cm/44 inches above the chest. The length at the back is 63 cm / 24.8 inches, but the rolling edge takes about 2 cm, so you have to count on a length of 61 cm / 24 inches. The blouse measures 55 cm/ 21,6 inches in front.






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