Dammblått tunikaklänning från Privatsachen

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The beautiful tunic dress in 100% cotton is perfect for a layered look with all your favorite McVERDI styles or simply with a pair of pretty Sneaky Fox for everyday use and festive occasions. Read more about the tunic dress below the pictures.

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More about the tunic dress

A beautiful tunic dress from Privatsachen with endless opportunities for styling! This tunic dress has it all – it can both be used as a shirt or tunic with your favorite pair of trousers or as a dress with a pair of Sneaky Fox. You can also use it open over a winter outfit as a small coat to complete the look. The tunic dress has long sleeves and a horizontal seam with pleats which adds lots of width at the bottom. A lovely tunic dress that can be used all year round.


This cotton tunic shirt is sewn in 100% cotton in a delicious crispy quality, it falls and sounds so delicious when you move. It can be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine on a gentle program. The cotton tunic dress from Privatsachen must not be ironed, this style is curly and can not be smoothed.


The tunic dress exists in a size 2 and has a chest width of 128 cm. The tunic dress has a full length of 100 cm.