Lång petrolblå sidenklänning från Privatsachen

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A very beautiful silk dress from Privatsachen with long sleeves which is super comfortable and very elegant. Perfect for festive occasions or when you want to feel a little extra well dressed. Read more about the dress below the pictures.


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More about the dress..

Privatsachen makes the most beautiful silk dresses and this is not an exception! The silk dress has the characteristic curly look which we know from other Privatsachen dresses and which you can either choose to keep or to straighten by ironing for another look. This dress is made from a beautiful petrol blue silk that is especially beautiful when the fabric curls and catches the light. The dress has long sleeves and it is relatively ling making it perfect for both summer and winter use.


The Privatsachen dress is sewn in 100% silk. Take care of your silk dress and the silk dress last longer. Wash the silk dress by hand and hang it to dry on a hanger. It is only necessary to wash a silk dress if it smells, you do not need to wash it after use every time. If a stain comes, just wash the stain away. The stain can be removed with neutral detergent. To get the silk fabric to curl, the dress needs to be twisted after washing. This also means that you can choose to twist the dress more or less and also completely avoid twisting it. The silk is wonderfully breathable and therefore perfect for both summer and winter use.


The dress exists in the sizes 1, 2 and 3.
The chest widths are measured in stretched/straightened condition.

Size 1 has a chest width of 102 cm and a full length of 120 cm

Size 2 has a chest width of 116 cm and a full length of 122 cm

Size 3 has a chest width of 148 cm and a full length of 126 cm







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