Grå krispig bomullsjacka från Privatsachen

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Spring new in – A grey jacket new in. A ”little sister” to the tunic dress from last winter. Same delicious crispy cotton and the same light quality. A jacket/blazer that can be worn over a dress or closed for a skirt. The jacket is available in grey and blue.

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Mer info om denna jacka….

A round neckline, lots of extra fabric, and the material are 100% cotton makes this jacket an obvious summer jacket/blazer because it is airy and light. The cotton jacket has a wide fit so that the sides of the jacket hang down at points. The jacket has details such as fine buttons and decorative stitching in the middle.


The jacket is sewn in 100% cotton. Crispy cotton has a crisp sound when the material moves. The material has a slightly crinkled structure, which gives the jacket character. Take care of your Privatsachen jacket so that it lasts longer: Wash the cotton jacket by hand and hang it to dry on a hanger. The jacket can also withstand a gentle wash at a maximum of 30 degrees in the machine. Avoid ironing so that the jacket retains the curled effect, if you want more curls then twist it while wet.


The cotton jacket is available in one size: ”one size”.
Privatsachen is generally spacious in size – however, the armholes are often narrow,
So you just have to be aware of that.

The size: Onesize measures:
Chest width: 130 cm. (NOTE! The jacket is meant to have plenty of widths).
Bottom width: 220 cm.
Full length: 66 cm.
Armhole: 32 cm on a half armhole.