Size guide

Do you have doubts about your size in McVERDI clothes? This size guide is designed to help you find your right size.
So you become a happy owner of McVERDI clothes. It is important for us that you can enjoy your new McVERDI clothes in many years.


McVERDI silhouettes

At McVERDI we work with different silhouettes. These silhouettes tells you something about the clothes fit and how the clothes will look on.
These different silhouettes are created to make variations of linen dresses, skirts and so on.
We work with 5 different silhouettes:

In the products texts you will find the silhouettte - Fitted, Loose or a third silhouette.
Then you measure your chest size and find the size that fits your chest width.


Dresses and shirts - FIND YOUR RIGHT MCVERDI SIZE:

1: Measure your chest width: When measuring your chest size. Measure around your back across the highest point on the chest and the widest part of your back.

2: See the Dimensions and Size chart below, step 1 and find the size that fits your chest width.

3: See the product's text. Does it say that the silhouette is Loose, Fitted or something else?

4: See in Dimensions and the size chart below, step 2. Consider how much moving space you want in for example a dress. If your chest size measures between 96-100 cm. Then you should take a size medium. If the dress silhouettes is a Loose silhouette you should be aware of 24-26 cm. moving space. Then you should consider if you rather want a size small or a dress in another silhouette.

5: Then order the selected size and you will receive your new purchase after a few days.


Dimensions and Size chart in cm. and inches:

*X-small: Are you an x-small or size 34 generally in clothes sizes we recommend that you go for the silhouettes Fitted or Loose.
The Fitted silhouette fits tight to the body.
The Loose silhouette will give a nice expression and a cool oversize look.


*3X-Large: Are you a size 3X-large+ will there be silhouettes that will fit better and fit more properly on the body.
We recommend that you look for the products silhouettes and use the chart above to see how much more width there is in the selected product.



Jackets and coats follow the same standard for size as shown above (Step 1). However there is a few centimeters more width added to movement.
So you can have a sweater under the jacket.

In the chart below you can see how much extra jackets and coats have in the different silhouettes in relation to your chest with.

Jackets and coats silhouettes in cm. and inches:



1: Measure your waist: When measuring your waist width measure without tightening. To find the natural waistline bend your upper body slightly down to the floor.
When your upper body "breaks" there is your waist.

2: Measuring your hip width: When measuring your hip width measure the widest place - approximately 15-25 cm below the waistline. Depending on your height.
Make sure the measuring tape is not to tight.

3: See the product's text what a size medium measures.

4: See the grading chart below. Then you pluses the numbers from the chart if you need a size bigger than medium.
Minus the numbers from the grading chart below if you want a smaller size than medium.

5: Then order the selected size and you will receive your new purchase after a few days.


Grading chart in cm. and inches:


Old MCVERDI COLLECTIONS: also sells older McVERDI collections.
You can find out that sometimes there is no silhouette described in the product's text.
You are welcome to call +45 22 78 45 40 if you don't know the size you need.
The phone is open between 9:30 and 16:00 Monday-Friday.


Other brands:

At we also sell other brands.
When it comes to the other brands there will always be the chest width in the product's text or how the product is in the size.
We will give a recommendation in the product's description text if you can select your normal size or go a size down or up.



If you are in doubt about your size feel free to call or write a text message to +45 22 78 45 40.
We are ready to guide you through the size guide between 9.30 and 16.00 Monday-Friday.
You are also welcome to write an e-mail to and we will respond as soon as possible.