Medium Canasta Tote

Medium Canasta Tote



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Nipomo Mercado woven straw bags are news on the webshop and in our three stores. Lotte saw the brand Nipomo in an art craft market in San Francisco. Lotte immediately became in love with these beautiful bags. Nipomo has updated their series of Mercado woven straw bags so the collection includes several different sizes for any occasion.

This medium sized Canasta Tote is perfect for everyday adventures. It has two shoulder straps and round handles. The bag has more options - so you can use it as it suits you. We recommend using a small bag in the bag as the bag is open. It has no closure.

The Canasta Tote is super nice to the green McVERDI linen collection.


Canasta Tote has leather straps and leather handles. The material itself is Raffia. Raffia comes from the Raffia palm which is most common in eastern Africa and in Madagascar. Palm's fruit is covered with a prominent dandruff. Under the skin of the leaves is a layer of bass cells, raffia-bast. The bast is used for weaving in Africa. Please note that woven straw bag and leather strap are handmade and the colors may vary slightly.


Canasta Tote is 26 cm. high. The bag has a length of 24 cm.

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