MiniMcverdi for kids

MiniMcVERDI - one of the best snow suit ever!

MiniMcVERDI is a relaunch of our popular snow suits and children's coats, which we produced back in the 1990's. Back then many kids and families enjoyed the coats and snow suits, because they were long lasting, easy to maintain and could be passed on from sibling to sibling. Since we stopped our production of children's coats we have had several requests for the popular styles.
We decided that it was time to redo the favorite snow suit and coats!

The design and the styles are almost the same as back then. The design is simple and without to many unnecessary details. The coats are timeless, warm, practical and nice looking - and they are designed for both boys and girls. It is McVERDI quality and our unique combination of long lasting gommy-fabric, warm Thinsulate interlining and soft cotton lining. The outer fabric is the same fabric we use for our popular gommy coats for women and is ideal for children's wear because it is durable and comfortable.

We hope a relaunch of MiniMcverdi can make a new generation of kids happy - maybe even kids, whose parents enjoyed the styles themselves in their childhood. We hope the styles will be a success, so we can expand the mini collection and do even more cute McVERDI silhouettes in smaller sizes.

You can contact us on mail or mobile number +45 22784540.

McVERDI is Danish design and produced in Europe. We ship all our packages from Denmark. This means that customers outside the EU have to pay customs duties and taxes to their own country.

MiniMcVEDI er børnetøj fra str.1 - 10 år. MiniMcVERDI er også en reproduktion af vores populære flyverdragter og børnefrakker, som vi sidst producerede i 1990'erne. Udvalget indeholder vores populære gummi flyverdragt. Flyverdragten findes i tre farver: Rød, sort og blå. Det er en børneflyverdragt som holder i mange år frem og sagtens kan gå i arv i familien. Børnflyverdragten er vandafvisende og foret med et Thinsulate foer.

Vi har også gummi anorakker til børn. Børne anorakkerne findes i farverne: Rød, sort og blå. Anorakken er vandafvisende og foret med et Thinsulate foer. Anorakken til børn egner sig til alt salgs vejr. Anorakken kan nemt tørres af med en fugtig klud efter leg. Både anorakkerne og flyverdragterne kan bruges af drenge og piger.