Long, loose fitted winter coat with egg-silhouette

Long, loose fitted winter coat with egg-silhouette


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A long winter coat with balloon silhouette. The coat has a characteristic silhouette, that makes it very lovely to wear. The coat warms nicely around the legs. The coat is an oversize coat. Try to imagine a cold winter evening where you take a long walk in the woods wearing this long warm coat and a pair of some warm winter boots. A lovely and warm winter outfit. We are so ready. The coat has a nice hood that makes the coat very comfortable and holds you warm. Perfect to the cold cold winter days.

The coat closes with an asymmetric closure with push buttons, which gives the coat a cool look. The coat has also a zipper inside, so the coat can be tightly closed. This lovely winter coat has large nice fitted pockets and Thinsulate inside. The winter coat is available in four beautiful colors: black, blue, olive and burgundy. All the colors are very lovely. A classic cool black coat is always lovely.


The outside material of the coat is 70% cotton and 30% polyamide (polyester). The great thing about this material is the high content of cotton that makes the winter coat breathable. The materials outside the coat are lightweight and have a soft surface. The materials outside have a coating on the inside that makes the material windproof and water-resistant. The coat is lined with Thinsulate CDS100. Thinsulate is an insulating material (intermediate lining) developed by 3M. The material consist of small microfibers that have the ability to hold on your own body warm and keep the cold out. The microfibers also temper according to your body heat and the temperature outside. The coat is lined with cotton and polyester lining, 50% cotton and 50% polyester. So this coat is a lovely and warm winter coat. The coat can be gently washed in the washing machine, but this should only be done very rarely. We recommend a gentle washing program. Use a neutral detergent and centrifuge an extra time. Otherwise, we recommend getting the coat cleaned. If you get a stain on the coat, it can advantageously be removed with a neutral detergent.


The winter coat has an OVERSIZE 1 fit. 40-42 cm is intended for added width. Which means that 40-42 cm is the space for movement, which creates the oversize look. The winter coat has a length of 120 cm in a size medium. You will find that you will be able to fit more size because the coat is oversize. If you want the coat to be less oversize, then we recommend you choose a size smaller. But to get the right oversize expression as the picture shows, you need to choose your normal McVERDI coat size.

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