Pin striped 1970's inspired trousers

Pin striped 1970's inspired trousers



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Through multiple seasons we have had this model of trousers in our collection so we just know that they fit really nice! The trousers are very elegant with the wide legs and the high waisted (at least according to McVERDI) silhouette. Here the trousers have been sown in a lovely black pinstriped fabric, giving them a more formal and classic look. Furthermore, they are a pair of pretty everyday trousers, but they can most definitely also be used for more special occasions. In conclusion, these trousers are just simply elegant.

McVERDI's 1970's inspired wide trousers in a beautiful formal version. Read more about the pants and the material down below.


These pants are sown in a crispy material consisting of 56% linen, 25% cotton, 15% polyamide and 2% alternative fibers (re-used fibers from used clothes, which exact composition can be determined). The fabric has a nice thickness – not too light and not too heavy – perfect for using all year around.

The material has a crispy and lovely surface. The material can get a nice, formal and proper look after wash (and especially ironing), while it gets a more casual and soft look when you use it.

The pants have been sown in Bulgaria, however, the fabric has been produced in Italy.


The trousers are intended to cut right below the waist and has a full length of 100 cm in a size medium. If you need more detail on size and where you are taking the measure, you can see more by the picture.

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