Princess cutted dress with buttons

Princess cutted dress with buttons



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Looking for a multifunctional dress with many possibilities for styling? This beautiful black dress with white pin stripes is really elegant and might be the option for you. It can be used as is. However, the dress can also be styled completely different. Try for example this dark dress with a light and white slip dress under and let the bottom buttons be unbuttoned. Use it completely open as a gorgeous jacket over a pair of pants and a blouse. Use it with a shirt underneath, and let the sleeves peep out under the short dress sleeves... As you can tell there are endless possibilities with this shirt dress! It is cute - and then it of course also has pockets!

A lovely dress inspired by an "old" McVERDI dress from the 1990s. The dress truly has a flattering princess cut and is very cute with its many shell buttons and short sleeves! Read more about the dress down below.


This summer dress is sown in a crispy material consisting of 56% linen, 25% cotton, 15% polyamide and 2% alternative fibers (re-used fibers from used clothes, which exact composition can be determined). The fabric has a nice thickness – not too light and not too heavy – perfect for using all year around.

The material has a crispy and lovely surface. The material can get a nice, formal and proper look after wash (and especially ironing), while it gets a more casual and soft look when you use it.

The dress has been sown in Bulgaria, however, the fabric has been produced in Italy.


The dress is waisted and has a FITTED silhouette. The dress has a full length of 120 cm in a size medium.

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