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At the McVERDI webshop you can find our entire collection as well as some older collections. We sell women's clothing to the quality conscious woman who wishes to see and feel comfortable at the same time. We will send your package as soon as possible and you are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions. We hope you find something you like.

McVERDI's philosophy is that nothing strikes the feeling of feeling comfortable and well dressed. You know it right away when you have that feeling. Either you will get the feeling or not. And then you have to look trough the wardrobe again or here at the McVERDI webshop :-). We are proud at McVERDI that our customers describe our clothes as a wonderful feeling of coming home. To be well dressed. It is for us the ultimate compliment.

Linen, cotton, wool and the finest baby cord are the basis for the 4 annual collections. The collcections always take start in the material. It is the structure and material characteristics that determine the model - not the other way round. Our clothes are therefor perfect for every size because our goal is to create the clothes fit perfectly. It ends with a happy surprise - no matter what size you are. With inspiration from nature, Japanese aesthetics, Nordic traditions and our own curiosity for what's beautiful and clever we create everything from our iconic outerwear to unique dresses, pants, prints, skirts and tops, and soft knits and delicious accessories.

There is nothing with us that is flashy. On the other hand it all sorts of good quality and good style.

Do you need help? You are always welcome to call or write to us. We are ready to assist weekdays between 9.30 and 16.00 on +4522784540 or at;