feminin shirt from YaccoMaricard

feminin shirt from YaccoMaricard


1.899,00 kr


A super nice shirt from YaccoMaricard. The shirt has an elegant collar that is nice both down and up. The shirt closes with buttons, but can also easily be used open as a long cardigan. This tunic shirt is a little further behind and has rounded slits. The shirt is filled with YaccoMaricard's well-known technique: YaccoMaricard works with small layers called bieser, which
here is used all over the shirt. It gives a very exclusive look and the structure of the shirt is completely unique. One of the most impressive things about this technique is that the cut pattern parts are applied after they are cut. It takes a very precise precision to get the uniformly beautiful product that the YaccoMaricard shirts are. This Yaccomaricard tunic is available in the colors: black, navy, burgundy and dark mustard yellow.


This shirt is sewn in the softest 100% cotton quality. It is the cotton quality that has a more 'crispy' feel. The tunic shirt can withstand 30 degrees in the washing machine and iron with a low to even temperature.


YaccoMaricard is onesize, and fits most body types really nicely. This tunic shirt has a chest width of: 114 cm and has a full length of: 90 cm and is 5 cm longer at the back. Go to the size guide Maricard er onesize

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