Shirt-jacket from YaccoMaricard

A “cool” shirt jacket from YaccoMaricard. The shirt jacket from YaccoMaricard is made of cotton jersey material, which allows it to be used for different occasions. The shirt jacket can be used as a blazer over dresses but closed you can wear it as a shirt.

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colour: petrol blue

Product description

YaccoMaricard is known for an incredibly delicate technique with small layers called pintucks, which is used throughout the shirt.

It gives a very exclusive expression and the structure of the shirt is amazing. YaccoMaricard cuts the material/pattern before they sew the shirt together. That is a very impressive technique.

There is precise precision in each shirt and that is really amazing considered the technique YaccoMaricard use.

This shirt jacket is available in a lot of colors and it can be difficult to choose. But the design of the shirt allows for more colors in the wardrobe.


100% delicious cotton jersey.

Wash the YaccoMaricard shirt on 30 degrees in the washing machine or wash it by hand and we recommend the shirt to flat dry.

Country of production: Japan.


YaccoMaricard is one size and fits most body types really good. The jacket has a chest width of 128 cm and a full length of 65 cm.




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