Short YaccoMaricard shirt-jacket in army green


Short army green jacket in cotton jersey from YaccoMaricard. A really nice army greeen shirt jacket that can give an everyday set some edge and Japanese grace. Read more about this army green shirt jacket from YaccoMaricard under the picture.


This YaccoMaricard short shirt jacket is packed with nice details such as buttons, pockets and a nice collar. All the details gives the shirt Japanese grace. The short shirt jacket is available in different colours and it can be difficult to choose! Whatever colour, this short jacket is just nice. Furthermore, this shirt jacket is sewn in the softest 100% cotton jersey which is nice to wear. One of the most impressive things about a YaccoMaricard shirt is that the cut pattern parts are applied after they are cut. So it takes a very neat precision to form the beautiful product that the shirts are. This is a result of Japanese design at its best.


This short shirt jacket is made of 100% cotton jersey. The jacket from YaccoMaricard can withstand 30 degrees in the washing machine and we recommend that the shirt jacket should flat dry or dry on a hanger. Furthermore, this jacket can be ironed at low to medium temperature. YaccoMaricard designs all of their shirts in Japan and the shirts are subsequently manufactured in Thailand. We have been working with YaccoMaricard for many years now and we really love the shirts, they are quality shirts that just work and are timeless.


YaccoMaricard is one size and fits most body types really nicely. The jacket has a chest width of 140 cm – a half chest width is 70 cm. The jacket has a full length of 60 cm.

The drawing shows the different measurements of the jacket, all the measurements are in cm. As shown in the drawing, the shirt jacket is a short but loose jacket. It is designed to sit slightly loose around the bosom. You can measure yourself and see if this jacket suits you.







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