Long YaccoMaricard shirt in white

All the white YaccoMaricard shirts are almost like they are reinventing classics and this white cotton shirt can be put in this category as well. If you want a new kind of white shirt, a new signature shirt – a white YaccoMaricard shirt is not a bad choice at all. Read more about this white cotton shirt down below.

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Product description

Yet another beautiful and classic YaccoMaricard shirt, all YaccoMaricard shirts are beautiful. We can’t get enough of them. This shirt really focuses on the bites/pintucks, which is one of YaccoMaricard’s signature design-methods. The pintucks shows in different expressions which make this shirt from YaccoMaricard extra exclusive.

The shirt is long, which brings out the beautiful texture and design of the material, especially with the wide pintucks at the top. The shirt has long sleeves, pockets on both sides and a small decorative collar. One of the most impressive things about a YaccoMaricard shirt is that the cut-pattern-parts are applied after they are cut. So it takes a very precise precision to make the shirts so identical and beautiful. A YaccoMaricard shirt is very exclusive made product. 


This shirt is made from 100% delicious ‘crispy’ cotton. The shirt from YaccoMaricard can withstand 30 degrees in the washing machine and we recommend that the shirt dry or dry on a hanger. Furthermore, this shirt can be ironed at low to medium temperature. YaccoMaricard designs all of their shirts in Japan and the shirts are subsequently manufactured in Thailand. We have been working with YaccoMaricard for many years now and we really love the shirts, they are quality shirts that just work every time and make an outfit look really great and the shirts are timeless.


The YaccoMaricard shirt is one size. The shirt fits most body types really well. Check the dimensions of the drawing to see if this shirt suits you.

In the drawing, you can see YaccoMaricard shirt’s half chest width, length, width and so on. The dimensions are in cm.





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