YaccoMaricard kortærmet skjorte
YaccoMaricard kortærmet skjorte
YaccoMaricard kortærmet skjorte

YaccoMaricard short sleeve shirt

YaccoMaricard is known for an incredibly delicate technique with small pleats called pintucks which is used all over the shirt. It gives the shirt a very exclusive look and the shirts structure is quite unique.

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Product description

Short sleeve shirt from YaccoMaricard. This shirt is perfect for a pair of skinny jeans, but also a skirt. This YaccoMaricard shirt can be used for everyday and festive occasions depending on the accessories. You can create different looks with a YaccoMaricard shirt. YaccoMaricard shirts should be part of a whole year-around wardrobe.


100% crispy cotton.

Wash this YaccoMaricard shirt on 30 degrees in the washing machine and let the shirt dray flat.

Production country: Japan.


YaccoMaricard is one size and fits most body types nicely. The shirt has a chest girth of 160 cm.




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