Checkered scarf
Checkered scarf
Lang ternet uldfrakke med store påsatte lommer

Checkered scarf

This woollen scarf is perfect for completing a beautiful autumn outfit and it is simply a musthave for the coat in the same material. A warm scarf for autumn and winter. Read more about the checkered scarf just below the picture.

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A little more info about the scarf…

A very flattering scarf in checkered wool. This scarf works really well with the coat in the same material. Use the scarf loosely draped over the coat or use it as you normally use your scarfs.

The fabric

The scarf consists of 35% wool, 27% polyester, 22% polyacrylic, 11% alpaca wool, 3% polymide, 2% recycled fibers. A material mix which gives the different materials more advantages and makes the scarf nice and warm. The materials are from Italy. The different checks consists of the colours: bottlegreen, navy, beige and white. Four beautiful colours that creates super cool checks. The scarf can’t be washed by hand nor by machine. But that is not a problem, because of the wool’s good qualities. Wool is self-cleaning so it is a good idea to hang the scarf in the bathroom after a shower or hang it outside in humid weather. Then your scarf is as good as new. The scarf is designed in Denmark and is sewn in a family owned bussiness in Bulgary with whom we have been colaborating with for many years.

The silhouette and fit

The scarf measures 50 x 230 cm. A lovely warm winter scarf.



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