The Lone dress

Say hello to one of the cutest dress silhouettes in our collection: the Lone dress! A super cute, loose-fitted spencer, which has a playful and girlish expression. The Spencer dress can do anything – it gives you such a cozy pinafore feeling and you should just play with all the possibilities for styling. Many are a little reluctant because the spencer dress is sleeveless, but you really shouldn’t be! Your can wear our Lone dress spencer with all sorts of fine tops underneath. Use a tight-fitting long-sleeved blouse (a gai+lisva for example) to emphasize that the dress is loose with a tight blouse. Take a chunky knit underneath and have an nice autumn look that can be used outside and inside. Wear a shirt underneath for a sharp and more elegant look. The Lone spencer is a piece of multi-purpose clothing – and it typically has many pockets, which is really cool! PS. The Lone dress is named after one of our customers who sweetly wrote to us that it was her absolute favorite dress. If you have a style in our collection that you would like to have named after you, write to us at [email protected], and we may choose you the next time we have to name a classic.

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